Infinity Solutions Terms and Condition

You do not need to do KYC to access the use of your INFI and EDGE coins.

You will need to do KYC to purchase Smart Contract Call Option.


An OCO "Option Coin Offering":

- OCO is a methodology for introducing coins to the market

- OCO a mode of purchase of Active Crypto

The buyer and seller Call Option:

The seller creates the Smart-Contract Call Option with the conditions of the contract.

Once the Premium has been paid by the buyer the terms are accepted by both parties and the contract is Lock for the buyer's address.

The call buyer has until expiration to pay the call and obtain these INFIs.

Once the Premium has been paid and the contract lock at the buyer's address, the contract cannot be canceled by either the buyer or the seller.

The contract is visible on your wallet as an active contract.

Can the seller refuse to sell at the price fixed in the contract?

NO, if the buyer pays the amount of the contract (executed) to the seller before the expiry of the contract the Smart Contract will be executed, the buyer will receive his INFI at the price of the contract

The buyer can execute the Call Option at any time before the expiration of the Smart Contract Call Option.

Is the buyer obliged to perform the contract? No, there is no obligation to execute the contract and the seller keeps the premium and retrieves these INFI after expiration.

The seller can recover these INFI before expiration: NO